July 2015

Tierra Grande Cover

Retirement Plans for Self-Employed – 2015 Perspective

(Stern) 2pp.

Several retirement plan options are available for self-employed real estate professionals, such as brokers and salespersons. The plans differ in complexity and in the amount of contribution allowed.

Oil and Gas Lease Extensions

(Fambrough) 5pp.

When prices fall, oil companies may resort to inventive ways to extend leases with little or no production. Mineral owners need to be aware of these possibilities and guard against them when negotiating leases.

Keys to Successful Manufactured Housing Communities

(Hunt) 4pp.

In Texas, manufactured homes have not been included in the discussion of affordable housing development. However, they can be when developments are well thought out and restrictions are reasonable. Good management and restriction enforcement can result in win-win situations for residents and the surrounding community.

Home Prices, Incomes Create Affordability Gap

(Gaines) 5pp.

Housing affordability rests on the relationship between home prices and household incomes, both of which have risen over the past two decades. Since the Great Recession, however, home prices have increased but incomes have not kept pace, casting uncertainty on future Texas home affordability.

Marketing Texas Groundwater

(Gilliland) 3pp.

Texas continues to rely on water marketing to allocate water resources where they are valued the most. However, the marketing process continues to face daunting obstacles in the quest to close transactions.

Texas Job Market Outpaces Nation's

(Anari) 8pp.

Texas’ labor market had a stronger recovery after the Great Recession than did the nation’s. Jobs created were concentrated in larger metro areas, but higher oil prices also increased Midland’s and Odessa’s job gains.

Estimating Residential Construction Cycles

(Torres, Canas, Phillips) 4pp.

The Texas Residential Construction Coincident Index is based on the movements in three direct measures of residential construction activity: real contract values, real wages paid and number of jobs. This index should be a useful tool for understanding the current direction of Texas residential construction activity. With data through May 2015, the index is signaling a healthy expansion that is showing signs of slowing.


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